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Avenue’s dedicated permanent recruitment division was established to provide our clients with a first class service which guarantees to find the right person for the right job.

We have established our reputation of being able to find superior quality candidates that no-one else can. That’s because most recruitment agencies have a one-track approach.

As you would expect – we do things differently at Avenue.

So, rather than only focusing on the candidates which are actively looking for work when you are recruiting, we go much further to identify the right person as opposed to who is available now.

That is how we provide you with a tangible return on your investment and the way we have been helping businesses for over 20 years.

Our team are experts in understanding the exact skills, characteristics and attitude you are looking for in a candidate, who go the extra mile to scour the available talent using over 23 tried and tested methods of candidate generation.

This enables us to avoid the “best out of a bad bunch” scenario which can happen if you only use a single method of advertising – a common issue when you use only online job boards. But the true skill of our permanent consultant is their ability to identify the best candidates for your company from the countless CVs and applications.

This means you only see the crème de la crème of the applicants and the only difficulty is choosing from excellent candidates which you know will perform to the high standards you are looking for.

To discuss your requirements, contact us now on 01383 622233.

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