5 Quick Tips to get the Right Candidate…

Here’s a few quick pointers on how to make sure the candidate fits your culture:

  1. Use Character testing…Candidates will always use the interview process to showcase what they can do and quite rightly so, however, as well as relevant experiences and skills it’s also important to look at character assessments so that you can identify character traits such as empathy, confidence, risk and ability to work as part of a team and individually.  We use these metrics daily as part of numerous screening processes but we’d also advise our clients to look at this and compile their own sets of questions and identifiers.
  2. Establish Company Values early doors…Its essential to establish this from the initial job description and throughout the process.  The workplace environment should connect with these values and this will ensure the candidate has a good feel for the workplace.  We work with large global organisations down to SME’s and its always important to establish these value’s up front.  Is there a career path ahead of the candidate?  How many of the existing staff have been promoted internally throughout the last 3-5 years?  Does the company invest in personal development and see the importance of this?
  3. The Walk Around…Connecting in with point 2 this will allow the candidate to get an understanding of the day to day operations and get an insight into the culture of your organisation.  They might also get the chance to quickly meet some of the team they’ll be working with and this is important for various reasons.  When we receive interview feedback from our candidates and they’ve walked around and been introduced to potential colleagues they already have a connection with the company and have a good understanding of the company values.  Candidates that have went through this process are less likely to be undecided about the role and should they receive offers of employment elsewhere (it’s a very competitive and fast moving marketplace out there) a high percentage of them will turn these down to start their journey with the company who has already established a connection with them.
  4. Have an open mind throughout the process… Hiring people from different backgrounds can offer a lot of value to your business in terms of experience, innovation and new ideas – so remember it’s positive to diversify.
  5. Ask open Questions in the Interview process…By allowing the candidate to openly speak and lead the conversation this may settle a few nerves and allow them to be more comfortable in the situation.  Once the candidate is at ease they can talk freely and you can begin to get a better understanding of their personality and behaviors.  Examples being “What is it about the Company that made you apply for the role?” “How comfortable are you working within a team?”  You could also throw in a few unexpected questions and look at Maslow’s team structure and ask the candidate which one they would align themselves with?  Within Avenue our MD will regularly run buzz sessions with a view to getting the teams focused and motivated on the various different parts of the recruitment roles to get an idea into their psyche e.g.  “What animal would you want to be and why?”.  You can have some fun with this and get the right feedback you’re looking for.


As an agency we want to ensure our candidates are the right fit for our clients because we know the value and cost of recruitment process.  By providing “the Right Person for the Right Job” we know we’re getting the process right, it doesn’t always work but we always set out with this intention.  Our recruitment team will happily discuss any of this in more detail with you, please get in touch via https://avenuerecruitment.co.uk/recruitment-agency-dunfermline/staff/

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