Supporting National mental health week..

This week is Mental health awareness week, recruiters are often seen as cool, calm and together.  If anyone tells you they have it all together they are either not doing their job right or they are not telling the truth.  Stress at work definitely a factor in a recruiter’s life.

People assume we come into work, make some calls, read CVs, fill a few jobs and hey presto day over! – This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many recruiters are highly skilled and educated individuals who have chosen an alternative path.  Some recruiters start as early as 6am others like me are 8am starts – We work with many organizations on a daily basis and speak to numerous candidates, managing expectations.  Temporary recruiters are constantly working – speaking to candidates, keeping clients happy, keeping temporary workers happy and in work.  We don’t finish work ever really, we are always looking at billboards, client names, candidates or helping friends who ask for help looking for a job or know someone who needs a job.  We check LinkedIn or emails even at home when we should be with our families.  There is always just one more email, one more call to take, we have our own lives, our own stresses, and worries but we have to leave them behind to work like everyone else.  Sometimes, however, it isn’t as easy.

The constant emails, phone calls, abuse and challenges do take their toll, they overwhelm you when you are not looking. That feeling of dread is horrendous and there is really nothing anyone can do about it.

Watching Corrie last week was an eyeopener and then there was a singer from a group based in Scotland who committed suicide the same week.  It just makes you realize that no one has their lives together.  Look at Robin Williams! He was a man who had it all – or so you thought, make people laugh and cry with laughter and all the time he was crying inside.

So next time you speak to or choose to shout at a recruiter, a colleague, a shop worker or even a friend or family member just remember what’s showing to the world on the outside isn’t necessarily what is going on underneath.  Be kind, be mindful and know that everyone has a struggle that can’t be seen.


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