Are You Struggling to Find the Right Engineering Candidate?

Engineering companies across the UK are recognizing the difficulties in recruiting candidates with the right skills level.  As you would expect, the answer is not easy and there is no quick fix to an issue which has been building for years.

As one of the UK’s specialist engineering recruitment agencies, Avenue Recruitment is helping to address the issue head on, handling engineering vacancies on a daily basis.
Jobsite recently conducted extensive research on the issue and asked one of our Principal Consultants, Myles Allan, to share his views in the white paper.

He explained, “The difficulty for HR and recruitment teams is that we have an immediate need to service short-term projects. Obviously, we sell our opportunities the best we can but our audience is those that are already engineers.”

He continued, “With the current uncertainty over Brexit, it is incumbent on the government to take the lead with a high-profile campaign to attract youngsters into engineering. While the current shortage of engineering talent is an immediate concern, and attracting current students is a long-term project, the situation shows no sign of improving (in fact, it may get worse depending on the situation of EU nationals post-Brexit) so the campaign must be both immediate and long-term.”

Although various steps will need to be taken to alleviate the skills shortage, these won’t happen overnight and there are vacancies open right now that are going unfilled due to issues with the hiring process. Myles has his own thoughts on this, “Whilst the shortage of candidates continues, it is crucial that companies expedite their hiring process to ensure that they don’t miss out on good candidates. A number of times recently I have encountered companies losing out on excellent candidates because, by the time they were ready to make an offer, the candidate had accepted an offer from another employer. If you do have a potentially suitable candidate, don’t sit on your hands waiting to make move tomorrow. Make it today as you don’t know when the next great CV will land on your desk.”

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