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Social Media Professionalism is more important than you think when it comes round to getting the Job, In today’s digital age there are many routes to social media pages containing Instagram selfies or Facebook rants, it’s therefore essential that as a candidate you take the right steps to ensure your social profile correctly represents your personal and professional brand.  Here are a few helpful tips that will keep you right and put yourself in the best possible position to get the job…

Start by googling yourself today

There’s only one sure-fire way to ensure you know exactly what an employer could find – completing the search yourself. By taking the time to filter through the first few pages of a Google search, you’ll be able to address any possible surprises before they pop up.  This will also give you a good start point to have a look at how you appear today and then you can start your digital housekeeping journey.

Privacy is Key

All of the most popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram change their settings constantly (sometimes up to 15 times per annum per platform), so even if you think your privacy settings are high, things could have changed and being as the “devil is always in the detail” how many of us actually read the long and small text spiels that accompany application and platform updates?…statistics show that less than 3 percent of people in 2017 completed this fully.

On Facebook, the easiest way to check what other people can see is the ‘view profile as’ button – it’s hidden in the bottom right-hand corner of your cover photo.

Filter through your Instagram profile to check there aren’t any pictures that could appear compromising to an unknowing eye. If there are, and you don’t want to delete them, switch your settings to private.

Instead of scrolling through your entire Twitter feed, head to your settings to download your archive. It has a record of every single tweet you’ve sent out, meaning you can go through and delete any that you wouldn’t want your boss or colleagues to see. This includes any previous complaints or gripes about your previous companies – nothing leaves a bad taste in an employer’s mouth more than company criticism and bitter employees.  Companies might also vet these channels to find out if you’ve adhered to company confidentiality agreements (this is applicable to all types of candidates)

You can also make your profile private by ‘protecting your profile’. This allows you to control who is following you and hence, who can see your tweets.

Revise your LinkedIn

By now, it’s generally understood that recruiters will check a candidates LinkedIn profile whenever they apply for a role (and to add to this they’ll almost always have a paid subscription and will, therefore, appear as an anonymous visitor). Therefore, it’s incredibly important to make sure your profile is as current and professional as possible. Check that your profile picture is either a headshot on a plain background or a business casual shot of you in action.

Review your professional experience to make sure that all your job responsibilities, achievements and qualifications are up to date. Going forward, it’s also worth considering adding information regularly – it’s easier to do when fresh in your mind, instead of in bulk when looking for a new position.

Finally, don’t forget about the extracurriculars. It’s worth mentioning any volunteering experience and if you can speak any additional languages – they could be the elements that set you apart from other candidates when it comes to hiring time.

Check your profile picture and cover photo

While you may love that shot of you with your favourite beverage in hand, it doesn’t scream professionalism. Ensure both your profile picture and cover photo don’t show you drinking alcohol or obviously drunk; lounging about in your swimmers; in a selfie, or most obviously, doing anything vulgar or offensive.

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