3 Pro Job Search tips to help you get hired in 2018!…

The average person will change jobs 10 to 15 times during their working life. This means that you’re likely to come up against some serious competition when you’re job hunting. But fear not, we have three pro job search tips to help you get hired in 2018.

1. Networking

You will probably know about job boards, and you will be well aware that the vast majority of companies will advertise openings on these websites. But if you have seen these, you can bet your bottom dollar that a wealth of other job seekers have too.

So, you want to get ahead of the curve. And the best way to do that is through networking.


Networking is the best weapon you can have in your job-seeking arsenal. Recruiters are always nervous about hiring someone who has no connection with the company. Recruitment is a pricey business, and if a company makes a mistake in hiring the wrong person, it tends to be quite expensive. So, if you can get a personal referral, from someone in the company or even by a mutual connection (via LinkedIn, for example), that goes a long way to ease some of the burden from the HR department.


Approach networking with an open mind. You’re reaching out to friends, family, colleagues and industry professionals asking them to connect or introduce you to someone in the industry you wish to break into.


And from there you should aim to make it snowball.


Keep asking for another connection until you find someone who can help you, or who can give you the insider knowledge that you seek. The key is perseverance. Here are some tips for networking success:

  • If you are job seeking full time, aim to meet at least two to three new people every week.
  • Establish what you want to find out.
  • Prepare questions in advance of each conversation; don’t waste their time by making idle chit-chat.
  • Never end the conversation without asking if they can introduce to someone else who can help you up the ladder.

2. Social media

Social media should never be underestimated. It is the key for HR, in today’s world of recruitment, to seek potential candidates for roles. You should be using all social media forums at your disposal to:

  • Advertise yourself and your skills.
  • Network and reach out to potential employers.
  • Identify job opportunities.

When you apply for a job, you typically send in your CV with the application and usually, only a few pairs of eyes see it. But by using social media to showcase your talent, you will open yourself up to a lot more viewings, particularly from recruiters from agencies with top jobs.


LinkedIn is the best social media site for job hunting. It allows you to display your CV clearly, reach out to people in your network, find new connections to add to your network, seek out potential job openings and connect with potential employers. Make sure your profile is the fullest it can be. And set it to ‘job seeking’ so that recruiters know to look at you.

Here are some top tips:

  • Always use your real name.
  • Only use professional images.
  • Remove any photos or posts that are unprofessional.
  • Make sure your ‘brand’ is consistent across all your networks.

3. Prospectively apply

Look up companies that you would like to work for or using recruitment agencies and job boards to find roles and companies that interest you. Prospectively send in your CV and cover letter to the hiring manager or recruitment consultant for the job you would like. In your cover letter, don’t just state why you want to work for the employer, tell them what value you will add.  To register with Avenue Recruitment please follow the steps in the link: http://ow.ly/GxNL30hluLp


By showing your initiative, you also display courage and enthusiasm for working for the company. These are key traits employers want to see in potential employees.


Finally, remember that finding your dream job in 2018 is more than likely going to take some time, so don’t just employ one of these tips, use all three simultaneously, and keep going. Your perseverance will pay dividends.


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